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in Mobile, Platforms on January 25, 2016

iphone-388387_1920This past year, the technology behind predictive marketing has changed dramatically.

What used to be exclusive to the big guys like Dell, Microsoft, Amazon, NetFlix, and Pandora, can now be licensed and supported in bespoke platforms.

Imagine opening your email and seeing an offer from your favorite clothing website. It’s displaying a selection of outfit options specifically for you AND it’s within your price range. This shows up right after your online search for professional clothing needed in an upcoming job interview.

Technology advances allow us to cost-effectively capture, store, search, share, analyze, and visualize data. Specifically in computer hardware: faster CPUs, cheaper memory, and quicker hard drives. All of these algorithmically process “big data” stores and makes accurate predictions on the data.

This allows users to be hyperaware of local businesses around them that serve their needs.

Participants find themselves in a network that alerts them to new stores, store updates, and so forth. In a network like this, you would know the status of local stores, what promotions they’re offering, what’s their specialty.

We all know that there’s at least one good item on the menu of any restaurant. There is at least one great benefit to shopping at Big 5; but what if those offers were specific to exactly what you need?

Your network would recommend places to your tastes, based upon your history.

By using data collected in Yelp, FB, FourSquare, Amazon, Chrome, etc… details are gathered on what you like, where you’ve visited, and what reviews you write.

With that information, you’re matched to recommended places based on your personal preferences and those preferences of others like you (because we’re not all unique snowflakes).

So the next time you search for some killer headphones on Amazon or leave a great review for your favorite restaurant, you could be notified of other great deals, in your area, that are right up your alley!

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