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Quiet Please – Beta Test In Progress

in Uncategorized on January 20, 2016

kiosk-imageWe’re excited to see the new 7″ tablets—and the slick new kiosk interface—enter a limited availability this month with a select group of licensees testing it out.

The previous kiosk interface was looking a bit on the dated side, so our team of diligent designers have been toiling away. The office smelled of progress and white hot keyboards as they feverishly designed and coded for the last year to bring an all-new interface to the kiosks.

So What’s Different?

  • Motion – It’s alive! Customers eyes will immediately be drawn to the new kiosks’ slideshow and animated titles.
  • Customization – Don’t like that picture? Change it! Don’t like that wording? Change that too! When it comes to customization, the world is your oyster! 
  • Tablet Designer – a brand-new interface to allow you to build tailor-made kiosk experiences for each campaign you create.

What’s The Deal With This Limited Availability Talk?

The new tablets are ready to go, and while our hearts long to make them generally available NOW (if not sooner), our ruthlessly efficient and process-oriented minds are telling us to ease into the release.

So, we’re working with a small group of licensees to roll out a limited number of the new kiosks. After the kiosks have been in the wild for ten business days, we’ll collect feedback from our test group to ensure that everything went smoothly. Then, SHOW TIME!

At the end of the day, we just want your transition to the new tablets to be a seamless and painless process, and we’re wiling to do whatever it takes to make sure that happens!


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