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Engaging the Centennial Market

in Mobile, Platforms on January 13, 2016

shutterstock_72758878The Centennial shopper is the new focus of marketers. They are smart, thorough, and part of a generation glued to their mobile devices.

With their smartphones close at hand to help make smart shopping decisions, they are a generation that require a new take on marketing.

The Centennial shopper is strategic in their shopping methods:
– 3 in 4 centennials take their time with purchases – researching prices, reading online reviews, and comparing different brands
– 94% prefer to do their browsing online rather than in stores
– 52% favor the laptop for research and reviews
– 37% prefer to use their mobile phones
– 5% gravitate to their tablets
– Only 6% will do any research in actual stores

So how do you make sure you’re keeping up with the needs of the Centennial shopper?


Traditional marketing and advertising campaigns will fall by the wayside with these shoppers. It’s all about the mobile game now, and putting your product in the palm of their hands.  This is all done through their mobile phones.

Another major detail about centennials – they LOVE their online reviews!

  • Online reviews are an integral part of the shopping experience. According to PowerReviews, 95% of Centennials read online reviews while shopping, and close to 50% won’t purchase if there aren’t enough online reviews.
  • Close to 66% read at least 4 online reviews before making a purchase.
  • For Centennials, the presence of reviews is considered more important than a recognizable brand name or free shipping.
  • 52% of Centennial shoppers look for online reviews on third-party sites like Yelp, TripAdvisor, Facebook, or Google, but 33% prefer to see reviews directly on a brand’s website.
  • Approximately 50% say they don’t trust a product or service if it doesn’t have negative online reviews.
  • 60% of Centennials, in fact, read negative reviews first – a sign that they’re looking to validate their decisions by reading honest feedback left by other customers.

Making sure you are keeping up with your reviews, and providing responses and resolutions for any negative feedback, is a key element to grabbing the centennials’ whopping 8 second attention span and potentially securing a purchase.

If you are interested to see how SMS Masterminds can help put you in the hands of the Centennial generation, and keep up with your online reviews, check us out here, and make sure you contact us for more information.


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