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The Positive in Negative Reviews

in Mobile, Platforms on January 8, 2016

3872691762_723d015a2aAs a business owner, there’s nothing worse than someone leaving you a bad Yelp review – right?

Not necessarily.

Negative reviews can be a good thing!

You’re familiar with the expression “too good to be true”, so naturally when you see a company with nothing but perfect reviews, it raises a red flag. Nothing can be that perfect, so what are they trying to pull – next restaurant please.

There is a sense of authenticity with a business who has less than perfect reviews. In a recent article it was noted that product purchases were most influenced by reviews with an average star rating between 4.2 and 4.5. Consumers know that some negative opinions about a product, service, or place are to be expected, and become suspicious when something is marked at “perfect”.

A good mix of negative and positive reviews gives a business or product authenticity and lets shoppers and diners know that the reviews on your page are not filtered or altered in any way.

Another benefit to a negative review is the opportunity to share the level of customer service you are willing to provide. Potential customers are able to see quality service and how you work with someone who is less than pleased, before they even walk through the front door.

You of course want to emphasize your top reviews, but make sure you keep the negative reviews visible, as 82% of consumers specifically seek negative feedback.

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