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Challenge on the Road – Spencer’s Story

in Uncategorized on December 28, 2015

Spencer has been a staple in our office and on our social media pages for years. He has traveled all over the United States—and then some—to help new licensees get established as they begin to develop a territory.

Krazi Kebob (Spencer)Traveling as much as Spencer does can lead to some very memorable adventures, which means great travel stories!

One of the most memorable occurred on a trip to Maryland, where he worked with a licensee named Renee.

On their last day together, they met with a merchant who didn’t seem interested in meeting with them. He waved them off to wait, and when they had the opportunity to share the technology with him, he presented them with a rather interesting challenge:

“If you can get my friend to sign up, I’ll sign up too.”

Never one to shy away from a challenge, Spencer and Renee accepted!

They made their way down the road to his friend’s restaurant, and after a long wait for the owner to be come available, they shared the technology with him and he was IN…not just for one restaurant, but for all three businesses he owned in that area!

They went back to the initial pizza parlor proprietor who had presented the challenge, and proceeded to sign up both of his businesses.

Spencer and Renee are clearly not afraid of a hard day’s work or of taking on a great challenge. Even when their pitch was met with complete disinterest and it looked like a lost cause, they kept up the hard work. T

heir compensation for sticking to it? Five businesses signed on in a single day!

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