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Is Facebook the New Yelp?

in News, Platforms on December 22, 2015

With 1.4 billion users and 40 million small businesses active on Facebook, it’s no wonder online listing providers are concerned over the launch of Facebook’s new local business listing site.

Facebook Services

In a recent article, Digital Trends revealed that Facebook has quietly started to provide local business listings to help its users “find local businesses with the best Facebook reviews and ratings.”

Other sites, like Yelp and Angie’s list, are already seeing the effects since word has gotten out, with Yelp’s shares falling 9% and Angie’s List dropping 2%.

Though this service is currently only available on desktop, it’s already showing that Facebook intends to bring heavy competition in the online listing world.

Facebook has increasingly courted small businesses with the launch of more plugins and e-commerce features aimed at local service providers, and with so many small businesses looking to boost their social presence, this new listing site seems like the natural next step.

Now is a good time for small businesses on Facebook to do an in-depth review of their business pages to make sure all the contact and location information is up to date. With this new feature already showing so much promising growth, no small business is going to want be at the bottom of the list!

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