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No Driver Necessary

in News on December 21, 2015


Autonomous vehicles are the talk of the tech world right now, and rumor has it that Google is planning to do more than just talk. In a recent article from digital trends, Bloomberg’s source says it looks like driverless cars will become a standalone division within Google beginning sometime in 2016.

Imagine your orders being placed like crazy, and all you have to do is load them into a truck, then hit “go”—no driver required. Thanks to Google (re-organizing as Alphabet), that dream could be a reality starting in 2016.

Google appears to have it sights set on the ride-for-hire market, going nose to nose with companies like Uber and Lyft (who are reportedly already playing with their own autonomous technology). However, with China looking into putting self-driving buses on the road within the next five years,  it looks like the sky is the limit for innovation. Before you know it, your next delivery could arrive without a driver.


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