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Concierge Delivers on its White Glove Promise!

in Platforms on November 16, 2015

7 Months In, SMS Masterminds’ Concierge Program Proves Success

San Luis Obispo, CA- SpendSmart Networks, Inc. (OTCQB:SSPC) dba “SMS Masterminds,” is regularly adding new features while updating our current processes and platforms. We recently introduced several new platforms and services, including the Concierge Program.

For our licensees, building their business has many challenges. Our licensees are wearing many hats as they take their services to market: cold calling, selling, campaign setup, ongoing account management, billing, etc. To better support our licensees with our world class “white glove service”, our team members put their heads together to come up with something that would give our licensee network a big boost: our Concierge Service.

On March 1, 2015, SMS Masterminds launched its Concierge program. This program was introduced as a way to free up our licensees to do what they do best – meet with local merchants and sell great loyalty reward products.



“This is the aim of Concierge, to make you and your company effective, efficient, and prosperous.” Said Concierge Team lead Kenny Selke. “The goal here, my goal, is to free up your time from sitting at your computer setting up a new client, and get you out selling again! All the while, you can rest assured KNOWING that your campaigns are being set up in a logical, thorough and effective manner. The process is simple, our licensees submit a simple form with the merchant’s basic company information and what campaign they are interested in having created. Once that form is received our concierge department takes the reigns and begins working tirelessly to set up new accounts, campaigns and websites for the merchants. This allows both the licensee and the merchant to focus on running and growing their businesses.”



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