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SpendSmart Networks, Inc. Announces Off Day Trainer to Title Sponsor IDEA World Success Academy

in Events, Mobile, News on July 27, 2015


 SMS Masterminds, publicly traded as SpendSmart Networks, Inc. (SSPC), will be exhibiting at the IDEA World Fitness Convention July 16-19, 2015 and title sponsor of the Success Academy to debut its new niche platform, Off Day Trainer.

‘Off Day Trainer’ ( is a subscription-based software platform that helps personal trainers grow their business by solving many of their core business problems: how to acquire and retain more clients.

“Off Day Trainer leverages our technology and expertise in mobile marketing to help personal trainers grow their business by doing more of what they already do well – help change people’s lives,” explains Alex Minicucci, CEO of SpendSmart.

David Pitts, Product Manager for ‘Off Day Trainer’, explains how it works; “We took the best practices of developing leads, converting leads into new business, keeping active clients accountable and staying in touch with former clients, and put them into a software platform that is virtually automated, instantly helping trainers grow their business and give their clients more value.”

“There are more than 250,000 trainers in the United States alone,” explains Minicucci. “Our technology models have always had a human component, it is one of our key differentiators. We strive to support and enhance trainers, not replace them like most software does. Our approach is unique, we even filed a patent on it because of its unique, personalized, predictive technology. It’s a real game-changer.”

SMS Masterminds has partnered with industry leaders to refine and promote this product, including world-renowned trainer Todd Durkin, known for his Fitness Quest video series and coach to football stars like Drew Brees.

Combining forces, SMS Masterminds and Durkin created ‘Dose of Durkin’ (, a weekly inspirational text message from Todd Durkin himself. Trainers and clients can sign up online to receive these proprietary tips from Durkin for free, which now has thousands of participants.

“David and Alex got this product right – there is nothing else like it! Too many software companies are trying to eliminate the trainer, this one helps us do our jobs better. This is going to help a lot of people get better results, and help trainers realize their potential to make the kind of money they can be proud of. I’m honored to be a part of something that is a win-win for everyone!” explains Todd Durkin.

‘Off Day Trainer’ will be at booth 1529 of the IDEA World Fitness Convention, as well as the title sponsor of the Success Academy at the convention.

About SMS Masterminds/SpendSmart

SpendSmart Networks dba SMS Masterminds provides proprietary loyalty systems and a suite of digital engagement and marketing services that help local merchants build relationships with consumers and drive revenues. These services are implemented and supported by a vast network of certified digital marketing specialists, aka “Certified Masterminds,” who drive revenue and consumer relationships for merchants via loyalty programs, mobile marketing, mobile commerce. Consumers’ dollars go further when they spend it with merchants in the SpendSmart network of merchants, as they receive exclusive deals, earn rewards and ultimately build a connection with their favorite merchants. For more information on SMS Masterminds, please

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