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SMS Masterminds Deploys 'Automated Engagement' Engine [Press Release]

in News on August 26, 2013

SMS Masterminds Deploys ‘Automated Engagement’ Engine

The SMS Masterminds, a mobile and loyalty marketing agency, have launched new technology in their industry.

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) August 26, 2013

The SMS Masterminds, a national full-service mobile and loyalty marketing agency, has launched a proprietary new technology which they term ‘automated engagement,’ sending personalized and targeted offers to opt-in subscribers based on their individual habits, delivering a text message to their mobile phone when they are most likely to buy.

Customers can then enter their mobile phone number using the Mastermind’s Loyalty Rewards Kiosk, ‘opting in’ to receive notifications from that merchant. It’s very simple — no app to download, smartphone needed, or card to carry around. The merchant now has permission to send ‘broadcasts’ via text message to those customers and offer them rewards or incentives to come back more frequently.

“It’s a very targeted messaging system,” Masterminds COO Luke Wallace says. “It allows for a whole new level of engagement. There are so many unique and interesting ways to use these new features, and it’s an exciting service we can uniquely provide our clients.”

For example, merchants can send a personalized message to customers that checked-in more than three times in the last month to offer them a special reward. They can send a message to customers who haven’t checked-in during the last month to offer them an enticement to come back, or even send a message to people that have an unredeemed reward suggesting they come use it.

The Masterminds are currently in over 55 markets nationally, and expanding quickly to help local merchants spend their advertising dollars on something that will keep their most loyal and profitable customers coming back. The Masterminds are the premiere full-service mobile and loyalty marketing company; focused on a high level of support, knowledge and technology to drive strong revenue growth for their merchants.

For more information about SMS Masterminds services or accomplishments, please call (877)541-8398 or email info(at)smsmasterminds(dot)com.


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